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8th Grade Assignments

8th Grade Objectives
2nd 9 Weeks Grading Period



We will finish up our Tell-Tale Heart Unit. Students will continue to read literary and informational texts to understand the role of the narrator and point of view.  Students will also learn how narrative voice in a text can blur the line between fact and fiction.  Students will be able to express understanding through writing in different points of view and examining motives and bias in various media.  We will then begin a new unit called Flowers For Algernon.  Students will continue reading literary and informational texts about knowledge and intelligence to understand what happens when humans try to manipulate the minds of others and how our understanding of intelligence has evolved over time.  Students will express their understanding of these ideas by exploring how authors draw on traditional stories and develop characters and themes to teach us about ourselves. You can ask your students about these exciting units and check in their planners for up to date information on what we are learning.  We would like to encourage attendance in all classes. Every minute counts. 




8th grade Science students will begin covering several inter-related topics. 1. ELECTRICITY- How it can be produced using a magnet. 2. MAGNETS- Earth as a magnet, magnet properties, electromagnets. 3. MASS- We will be distinguishing between mass and weight using appropriate measuring instruments. Also, parents can help by encouraging their children to study a few minutes each day in preparation for tests.


This nine weeks students will learn how to solve one and two-step equations. Also, we will be solving and graphing one and two-step inequalities. Students are asked to turn real life situations into equations. Please help your child understand that equations are problems they deal with every day. (Ex. Three students go to the movie and buy eight dollars of popcorn. They spend 26 dollars. How much were the tickets? We will use the Algebra equation 3T+8=26) Students will also be completing formative assessments involving rotation, reflections, and translation of geometric shapes. Parents can help by working on basic multiplication skills. Multiplication facts must be mastered before students can master higher level algebra and geometry concepts. Also parents can help by encouraging student to complete assignments in FULL and turn the in on time.


American History

 The 8th grade American History Classes will be studying the events leading to the Revolutionary War, the war itself, forming our government, Articles of Confederation, Constitution, and Bill of Rights. You can help your child at home by checking his/her planner, reviewing homework, and helping your child study for a test.