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7th Grade Assignments

7th Grade Objectives
2nd 9 Weeks Grading Period

Social Studies                          Mrs. McFall

Students will study life in medieval towns, the decline of feudalism, Byzantine Empire, and Islam in medieval times. You may help your child at home by checking the planner, reviewing notes, and studying key vocabulary.


Science                                                Mr. Benson

Science students will begin a study on plants and animals.  Also, students will learn about cell division and genetics.  Cell reproduction is an important topic during the second nine weeks. Parents can help their child by making sure assignments are complete, helping them study key vocabulary, and helping them study for tests.


Reading                                   Mrs. Webb

We will continue reading selections from our literature book and work on the following skills: context clues, character motivation, inferences, point of view, predictions, conflict, multiple-meaning words, cause-and-effect, chronological order, plot, and elements of drama.  In addition, we will be working on analyzing and writing about informational articles.  We will continue to focus on Common Core in addition to Seventh Grade Standards.  You can help your child by discussing topics/themes brought up in class and discuss other items in their notebook.


Language                                Mrs. Webb

We will finish up Unit 8: Nouns and begin Unit 10: Verbs.  Next we will begin working on Unit 11: Pronouns.  We will be preparing for the upcoming writing assessment also.  We will continue to focus on Common Core in addition to Seventh Grade Standards.  You can help your child by reviewing grammar rules, going over their homework, and helping them organize their notebooks.


Math                                        Ms. Manning

During the second nine weeks, students will be introduced to solving and graphing inequalities.  We will also begin working with ratios.  Students will solve proportions, identify proportional relationships, graph proportions, and calculate unit rates.  We will also begin working with percents.  Throughout this nine weeks, you can assist your child by helping them recognize ratios and percents in their daily lives.  Examples of ratios and percents can be found in grocery stores, newspapers, and various other locations.  There are also numerous websites that provide extra practice with the topics covered this nine weeks.  You can also help your child by continuing to work on multiplication facts with them.