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6th Grade Assignments

6th Grade Objectives
2nd 9 Weeks Grading Period

Reading/Language Arts    Iva Kerr

We will be reading informative articles to improve reading and writing skills. First and seventh block will begin Unit 3 and 4 dealing with historical fiction, theme, author’s purpose, main idea, characterization, prediction, plot, analogies, and reinforcing and reviewing the skills from last nine weeks. We will also be using articles from Scholastics Magazine which focus on current issues in today’s world. Third block will be concentrating on the novel Cracker! The Best Dog in Vietnam by Cynthia Kadohata. When this novel is finished, we will work on Unit 3 and 4.  You may help your child at home by checking planners for homework/daily assignments and providing quiet reading time.  This helps students with comprehension and increases reading speed. 


Science     Andi McCallie

The second nine weeks we will be finishing our ecology unit. You may help your child at home by making sure your student is keeping up with daily assignments and readings. You can also make and play a memory/matching game with key vocabulary from each chapter as we discuss it in class.  They have their own book.  Check planners for test dates.


Math         Tiffani Williams

Throughout the second nine weeks, we will continue working with fractions, decimals, percent, greatest common factor, and least common multiple.  We will begin working on understanding the concept of positive and negative numbers.  You can help your child at home by continuing to work on their multiplication facts with them.  In order for them to master the 6th grade math concepts, they need to have their multiplication facts through 12 memorized.


Social Studies               Andi McCallie

We will be learning about Ancient Egypt (3000-1200 BC) covering the standards: 6.15 through 6.22.  Please help your child with the study guides that are prepared for them before each test.  If you have not set up Remind with me, please do so.  I send out a message before each test.