Perfect Season for Lady Blue Devils Softball!

The Vonore Middle School Lady Blue Devils Softball team made history this past Thursday, when they defeated Sweetwater Junior High for their final game of the season.  This victory sealed a perfect undefeated season for the Lady Devils.  This is the first time in Vonore sports history that a school team from the little town by the lake has gone totally undefeated.  These student athletes practiced during the heat of the summer, with some playing for two teams, travel and the school team at the same time. The entire softball team also maintained their grades during the season, with all having passing grades.  8th Grader Chloe Summey stated, "Our team has improved tremendously.  We’ve worked so hard this year, and it is great to see that hard work pay off.  We can now say we made history!  Once a devil, always al devil!"

The team had some good examples when it comes to hard work.  They were coached by Bo Ray, Steve Berrong, and head coach Danny Green.  Coach Green, who works at Vonore Middle School as a Teacher’s Aide, volunteered to coach the team when former coach Billy Yates-Matoy was deployed overseas with the Tennessee National Guard.  Most people might be surprised to see Danny Green coaching middle school girls softball, instead of on the basketball court. However, Coach Green said “Coaching and sports has been my whole life except my family and God.  I love to help kids get better in athletics and life. Coaching softball at Vonore has been great not only because of the undefeated season, but also because of the life skills these young ladies learned.”

This season when the Lady Devils battled their way to an undefeated season, Coach Green was fighting a battle of his own.  He had a reoccurrence of cancer, and began undergoing radiation treatment during the season.  While most coaches would have taken the season off to recover, Coach Green kept coming to practice and games.  6th Grader Megan Ladd said  “Coach Green is very stong.  He fights his battles every day, just to watch us play some ball.  Vonore Middle softball girls fight on the field to win, but Coach Green fights on and off the field.”