Virtual School Schedule and Information


September 1-4 ~ Virtual students will complete orientation, take beginning-of-year assessments, learn about procedures, practice lessons and Edgenuity

September 8 ~ Students begin working fully in Edgenuity Platform

Virtual School Expectations

  • Students will be required to engage in the virtual school every day
  • Virtual students should feel as much a part of their school as in-person students
  • Schools and teachers will set daily schedules and required check-in or attendance checks
  • Orientation presentations will be developed and scheduled by each teacher, team, or school to ensure that all virtual school students and their families are well-informed about the processes and expectations
  • Lessons will be accelerated for the first nine weeks to make up for delayed start
  • Biweekly checks will be made by administrators to assess challenges and successes in the virtual platform

 For more information, please see our new tab for Virtual Learners under our Students tab on the VMS homepage